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Ban The Bead

Large cosmetic companies (actually large corporations in general), have a lot to answer for when it comes to looking after our environment. Money always seems to come first. In the case of using tiny plastic beads in cosmetics, the environment is suffering, but equally importantly, so are you. You need to take action and Ban The Bead from your life.

Sometimes people chose convenience over the environment and that can be understandable. But what you may not know is that some of these choices you make can also affect your health. Tiny micro-beads found in cosmetics (an other consumer products), are now being found in the food chain and they have potential to affect your health.

There are plenty of natural products that can replace plastic micro-beads. Foliage uses natural bamboo granules in our cleanser as they are effective and safe for both you and the environment. The reason large cosmetic companies don’t use these natural alternatives is because plastic granules are cheaper than the natural alternatives, so they put money ahead of the environment and your health. You can force them to change, simply by refusing to purchase products that have plastic micro-beads in them. You wont have to worry there are thousands of safe options. You could also write or email these environmental wreaking companies and tell them why you will not be using their products any longer. The will hopefully get the message sooner rather than later.

Oh and we lightly touched on the effect that these plastic beads have on your health… the beads are turning up in fish. So when you are enjoying your fish dinner or sushi for lunch remember you could well be digesting tiny plastic beads which can build up in your body. Like the rivers, lakes and oceans, and fish, you are gradually getting poisoned by these seemingly innocent cosmetic ingredients.

Below is a link to a great article. We hope you will read and take action. You can make a difference. Ban the Bead in your household and share the information with everyone you know.

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Purchasing Natural Cosmetics

We gave this question a great deal of thought before we setup our Natural Products Beauty Club. Why you should join the Natural Products Beauty Club and start purchasing natural cosmetics. In a nutshell it’s because you will save money and time while also benefiting from high-quality natural cosmetics and all delivered to your door each month. Start purchasing natural cosmetics now.

Now days most people understand that our health is being put at risk with the chemicals that are being added to both our food chain and also our cosmetics.  Ideally you will use products on your skin that don’t add to the toxins that get absorbed and consumed daily. This is another reason why you should join the Natural Products Beauty Club and start purchasing natural cosmetics.

We all lead busy lives and often because we are so busy we rush around and make decisions based on ease and not in-depth  investigations. This can lead you to choose the wrong product or just as likely, choose a product that looks nice and smells nice but is not able to deliver the results you are after and possibly even damage you.  To avoid this happening you should join the Natural Products Beauty club.

You may think, as you dash into the department store to purchase a new moisturiser that it smells wonderful and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.  That lovely smell in particular, should be avoided at all costs. Perfumes in products are the number cause of allergies and reactions to cosmetics. This is because perfume added to cosmetics are seldom natural now days. Perfumes tend to be synthetic and so it is highly likely your skin will react to them. When purchasing cosmetics, and you really do want your face cream to smell like roses, try to find one that incorporates natural essential oils. If it does not boast that it contains natural essential oils on the packaging then it is highly likely that any fragrance it contains will be man-made. Having said all of that, some people also have reactions to essential oils in cosmetics, this could possibly be because the concentrations may be too high and as a result toxic to the skin, or it could be that you are just allergic to whatever essential oil they are using.  We were originally tempted to add fragrance to our Foliage range but realised that this puts our customers at risk so we decided against it. Yet another reason why you should join the Natural Products Beauty Club!

Another reason we are very confident that you will be happy when you purchase Foliage natural cosmetics from us is that we have a very high quality product range. How often have you purchased a cosmetic that you have thought was natural and found that it either has also sorts of synthetic ingredients or it really doesn’t work! Regulations are very lax and you can actually call your product natural even if it only has 15% of natural ingredients… how can that be right???


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Are Cosmetics With Parabens Safe?

Are Cosmetics with Parabens Safe? We don’t believe that they are, which is why we developed our Foliage Natural Skincare range.

Parabens are used in cosmetic manufacturing as a preservative. Cosmetics that have gone ‘off’ i.e. full of bacteria are almost, or as, dangerous as parabens. The risk of cosmetics going off when they don’t have parabens is high because most cosmetics contain a high percentage of water. So you can understand why cosmetic manufacturers use parabens in then products but are cosmetics with parabens safe?

Because of the question ‘are Cosmetics with Parabens Safe?’ being asked all over the world now. We are sure that parabens will be eventually phased out of cosmetics over the next few years. Even the big cosmetics manufacturers are now trying to reduce the amount of parabens that go into their products, although until they find a reliable replacement, they will continue to use parabens.

So what are parabens? Parabens are a chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. They are used to fight bacteria and fungus. Most of the parabens used as preservatives are synthetic (man-made), so not naturally occurring. There are naturally occurring parabens but they tend to be more expensive so manufacturers tend to opt for the cheaper versions.

Obviously for every argument that parabens cause significant risks to health (the main one is that they cause cancer), and environment there are equally vigorous arguments that say they don’t. it is believed that women can be particularly at risk of paraben exposure because parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Parabens have been found in cancer tumors in the breast and as a result it is believed there is a relationship between parabens and tumors.

There is also some suggestion that parabens can also affect males. In the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health documented exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben “adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system.”

While there is no conclusive proof that parabens in cosmetics cause cancer it seems pretty logical that you would do what you can to avoid them where possible. While parabens are also used in the food chain, and so maybe harder to identify and avoid, parabens in cosmetics are easier to eliminate from your life. It is easy to change your cosmetic range to one like Foliage Natural Skincare that has no parabens or other nasties. You do have to be careful to use up your natural cosmetic products more quickly as they can go off. The shelf life for natural cosmetics is generally 12 months, depending on the ingredients and how much water is in them. The environment can also affect them; always leave your natural cosmetics in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

So do you still believe that cosmetics with parabens safe? We believe that if you are worried about parabens in your cosmetics, you should be. Fortunately there are great natural paraben-free products readily available; you just have to take responsibility for your own health and well being by choosing them. This way you will know for sure that the cosmetics that you are using are safe.

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