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Is There A Right Way To Apply Skin Care?

get asked this question frequently.

Is there a right way to apply skin care?

No one wants a complicated morning regime and the reality is that there really is no wrong way to apply your skin care products but there is a better way to apply your skin care so that you get a better result.

The skin is made up of several layers, put simply, there is a water based layer and an oil based layer.  You may already know that oil and water dont mix. This means that ideally you need to be a little bit careful about how you apply your skin care products to ensure you can ensure that you get the best results possible.

The key to this is knowing which of your skin care products are water based or oil based. Most moisturisers are oil based as most creams are made with oils, and most serums are water based, although there are exceptions. Possible exception are some face oils. These face oils can be very fast absorbing. These face oils are often applied not to moisturise, but to seal in the moisture in the skin.

So what is the best and the most effective way to apply your skin care daily? The answer is, water based products first and then oil base products last. It is helpful to know if the product you are about to apply is water based or oil based. The best way to ascertain this is to move a drop between your finger and thumb. If it slides easily then it is probably oil based. If you are using this method then make sure you give the product time to lightly absorb because even a water based product will provide friction if there is enough of it on the surface of the skin. Once you have established what is the main ingredient of your products (water or oil) you are then in the position to apply them to your skin in the correct order.

Apply your water based (very likely a serum like Vitamin C) first, wait a few seconds for it to absorb and then apply your moisturiser. If you are using a sealing face oil, you then apply it over your moisturiser. Give your facial oil a few seconds to absorb and then apply your sun protection and makeup. I know it sounds a bit complicated but it really isnt and if you follow these steps then your skin will really benefit from the fact that some of the product will get absorbed and will make a difference.

One other small tip: if you are using a product with hyalouronic acid in it, if you have time, fill the hand basin with a few centimeters of hot water and place a towel over your head and hover your face over the steam. You only have to hold it there for 30 seconds or so but the hyalouronic acid will absorb 1000 times it weight in water and will leave your skin looking plumped and moist all day. And if you are using a sealing face oil you can then apply the oil to seal the moisture in. Your skin will look youthful and dewy all day.

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3 steps to great skin

Keeping Skin Care Simple – 3 Easy Steps

Everyone out there is trying to sell you cosmetics (including us), but we would like to think that we are a lot more honest than a lot of other skin care companies on the market. Which is why we have come up with this strategy for Keeping Skin Care Simple – 3 Easy Steps.

In order to ensure the best skin that you can possibly have for as long a possible there are three things that you really have to do.

E * Exfoliate
M * Moisturize
P * Protect

Firstly exfoliate, by exfoliating you are removing the dead skin cells which will result in the absorption of more of the cosmetics that you use. As well, by not having that layer of dead skin cells your skin looks fresher and brighter. If you are suffering from acne, or even the odd pimple, by exfoliating twice a week you will reduce the breakouts as any contamination under the skin can come to the surface of the skin and be naturally eliminated instead of festering under all those dead skin cells.

One word of warning, when you exfoliate with a great product like our Foliage Exfoliating Bamboo Cleanser you will find your skin looks really bright and smooth directly after exfoliation and so you maybe tempted to exfoliate every day. Please do not do this as if you exfoliate too often, you can dry out your skin. The results of this can be the production of even more oil and so you are setting off a vicious cycle.

It is essential that even oily skin gets added moisture daily. Believe it or not it actually helps with your skins pH levels. Obviously you have to chose a moisturiser that is going to suit your skin type. For oily skin we recommend something nice and light like our Silk daily moisturiser with collagen. Most people know that dry skin can definitely benefit from a great moisturiser but it is important that you chose one that will enhance your skin and not just block up your pores or sit on the skin surface. The truth is that very little of the moisturiser that you put on the skin will be absorbed to where you need it, but moisturisers that contain small enough particles can be absorbed and do make a difference; these are seldom found in cheap supermarket or chemist shop brands. The Foliage Hydrating Facial Moisturiser delivers moisture where you need it without clogging your skin so is perfect for drier skin types.

The final product in our Keeping Skin Care Simple – 3 Easy Steps advice is Protection. Since we have taken the dead skin cells from your skin you have now left your skin vulnerable to sun and environmental damage so we need to add a layer of protection. This involves sun block or sun screen. Most people know that they should use sun block but don’t because it can either leave their skin looking white (from the zinc in the product), or it tends to be greasy and feel thick and heavy on the skin. Foliage does not manufacture their own sun block but we do highly recommend Coola as the ingredients list sounds good enough to eat and it feels like silk on the skin which encourages people to use it. Even though Protection is bottom on our list, it is actually possibly the most important step in your anti-aging, skin enhancing routine. Without protecting your skin from the sun, you may as well save your time and money and not do anything to your skin. Exposure to the sun with leave your skin dry, patchy, pigmented and eventually probably even with skin cancer so a great barrier to sun damage it essential.

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Why You Should Exfoliate

We have noticed a lot of conflicting discussion around exfoliating your skin. Some say you should some say you shouldn’t. This is why you should exfoliate…

Your skin is made up of different layers and at the top of these layers is the horny layer or dead skin layer. This layer is there to protect your skin but it also makes your skin look dull and lifeless and stops any good quality product to put on your skin from being absorbed… this is why you should exfoliate.

If it seems that obvious why you should exfoliate so why then is it so controversial? Firstly there is some discussion about the potential damage that can be done when you exfoliate. This comes down to the products that you are using. Some of the cheaper brands of exfoliants such as St Ives, use ground up kernels which are very harsh on the skin and can cause micro-tears in the skin. For about 10 years now tiny plastic spheres have also been used. While these are much less damaging to the skin they are a nightmare on the environment. Hundreds of tons of these non degradeable plastic spheres are floating around the rivers, lakes and oceans causing incalculable damage to wild life. In fact New York state is looking to become the first in the USA to ban plastic microbeads after the tiny plastic beads have been found accumulating at “alarmingly high levels” in New York waterways. This problem of course is not just in the USA but around the world.

While regular exfoliation is important, it is equally important that it is not done too often. Twice a week is the optimal number of times