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Large cosmetic companies (actually large corporations in general), have a lot to answer for when it comes to looking after our environment. Money always seems to come first. In the case of using tiny plastic beads in cosmetics, the environment is suffering, but equally importantly, so are you. You need to take action and Ban The Bead from your life.

Sometimes people chose convenience over the environment and that can be understandable. But what you may not know is that some of these choices you make can also affect your health. Tiny micro-beads found in cosmetics (an other consumer products), are now being found in the food chain and they have potential to affect your health.

There are plenty of natural products that can replace plastic micro-beads. Foliage uses natural bamboo granules in our cleanser as they are effective and safe for both you and the environment. The reason large cosmetic companies don’t use these natural alternatives is because plastic granules are cheaper than the natural alternatives, so they put money ahead of the environment and your health. You can force them to change, simply by refusing to purchase products that have plastic micro-beads in them. You wont have to worry there are thousands of safe options. You could also write or email these environmental wreaking companies and tell them why you will not be using their products any longer. The will hopefully get the message sooner rather than later.

Oh and we lightly touched on the effect that these plastic beads have on your health… the beads are turning up in fish. So when you are enjoying your fish dinner or sushi for lunch remember you could well be digesting tiny plastic beads which can build up in your body. Like the rivers, lakes and oceans, and fish, you are gradually getting poisoned by these seemingly innocent cosmetic ingredients.

Below is a link to a great article. We hope you will read and take action. You can make a difference. Ban the Bead in your household and share the information with everyone you know.

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