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Ban The Bead

Large cosmetic companies (actually large corporations in general), have a lot to answer for when it comes to looking after our environment. Money always seems to come first. In the case of using tiny plastic beads in cosmetics, the environment is suffering, but equally importantly, so are you. You need to take action and Ban […]

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Purchasing Natural Cosmetics

We gave this question a great deal of thought before we setup our Natural Products Beauty Club. Why you should join the Natural Products Beauty Club and start purchasing natural cosmetics. In a nutshell it’s because you will save money and time while also benefiting from high-quality natural cosmetics and all delivered to your door […]

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Are Cosmetics With Parabens Safe?

Are Cosmetics with Parabens Safe? We don’t believe that they are, which is why we developed our Foliage Natural Skincare range. Parabens are used in cosmetic manufacturing as a preservative. Cosmetics that have gone ‘off’ i.e. full of bacteria are almost, or as, dangerous as parabens. The risk of cosmetics going off when they don’t […]

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