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Is There A Right Way To Apply Skin Care?

get asked this question frequently. Is there a right way to apply skin care? No one wants a complicated morning regime and the reality is that there really is no wrong way to apply your skin care products but there is a better way to apply your skin care so that you get a better […]

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Keeping Skin Care Simple – 3 Easy Steps

Everyone out there is trying to sell you cosmetics (including us), but we would like to think that we are a lot more honest than a lot of other skin care companies on the market. Which is why we have come up with this strategy for Keeping Skin Care Simple – 3 Easy Steps. In […]

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Why You Should Exfoliate

We have noticed a lot of conflicting discussion around exfoliating your skin. Some say you should some say you shouldn’t. This is why you should exfoliate… Your skin is made up of different layers and at the top of these layers is the horny layer or dead skin layer. This layer is there to protect […]

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