After Hair Balm


After Hair Balm comes in a uni-sex 70gm aluminum tin for convenient use. A little After Hair Balm goes a long way so this after waxing and after shaving solution will last you a long time; Although we highly recommend that you use it up within 12 months as it does not contain any preservatives (which is a great thing!).

What After Hair Balm does contain however, is lots of active ingredients like salicylic Acid (which means don’t purchase After Hair Balm if you are allergic to Aspirin) and Lactic acid both of which remove dead skin cells, allowing the hair to exit the skin surface. With After Hair Balm you don’t get ingrown hairs.


After Hair Balm is for use on faces and delicate places. After Hair Balm is the perfect solution for ingrown hairs and shaving rash for both men and women.

Our clients love After Hair Balm. They raved about it… that is because After Hair Balm works!

The process of creating the perfect product went on for a while. We created a number of different solutions. We started off with an alcohol based spray bottle but our testers almost died with the fumes, so back to the drawing board. Then came a roll on version. This too had its draw backs, not least of which, the liquid poured out when used it. We then added thickener to the roller solution to stop this from happening but then it sat on the skin and was not nice. Then came today’s product… After Hair Balm.

• After Hair Balm is easy to use.
• After Hair Balm feels great on the skin and soothes the skin.
• You can use After Hair Balm all over including on faces and delicate places.
• After Hair Balm is very economical, you don’t need much so it lasts
• After Hair Balm is one of the cheapest products on the market
• After Hair Balm comes in great uni-sex packaging to appeal to both men and women

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