Why You Should Exfoliate

We have noticed a lot of conflicting discussion around exfoliating your skin. Some say you should some say you shouldn’t. This is why you should exfoliate…

Your skin is made up of different layers and at the top of these layers is the horny layer or dead skin layer. This layer is there to protect your skin but it also makes your skin look dull and lifeless and stops any good quality product to put on your skin from being absorbed… this is why you should exfoliate.

If it seems that obvious why you should exfoliate so why then is it so controversial? Firstly there is some discussion about the potential damage that can be done when you exfoliate. This comes down to the products that you are using. Some of the cheaper brands of exfoliants such as St Ives, use ground up kernels which are very harsh on the skin and can cause micro-tears in the skin. For about 10 years now tiny plastic spheres have also been used. While these are much less damaging to the skin they are a nightmare on the environment. Hundreds of tons of these non degradeable plastic spheres are floating around the rivers, lakes and oceans causing incalculable damage to wild life. In fact New York state is looking to become the first in the USA to ban plastic microbeads after the tiny plastic beads have been found accumulating at “alarmingly high levels” in New York waterways. This problem of course is not just in the USA but around the world.

While regular exfoliation is important, it is equally important that it is not done too often. Twice a week is the optimal number of times

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